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Frequently Asked Questions
What is OnlineCOA?
OnlineCOA.co.uk is an online database where you can store the exact image of your items and view them anytime anywhere in the world.
How does OnlineCOA work?
Once a registered user has added an item to our database, the item is then assigned a security / COA code and linked to the buyers surname. The buyer can then enter both sets of details into our database at anytime to view their exact item.
Can any autograph company / seller register to use OnlineCOA, or do I need to be AFTAL Approved or UACC Registered?
You do NOT need to be AFTAL Approved or a UACC Registered Dealer to use OnlineCOA. All we ask is that you offer a money back guarantee with every item you add to OnlineCOA.
Does it cost anything to register as a member with OnlineCOA?
NO. Registration is FREE but all applications submitted are subject to approval.
Once an item has been added to the database can anyone view it?
NO. Without both the security / COA code and the buyers surname the item can not be viewed.
Does OnlineCOA authenticate items?
NO. OnlineCOA does NOT authenticate items and is in no way shape or form an authentication company or associated to any authentication company.
I am a member of the public and I have an item I would like added to OnlineCOA, is this possible?
Yes you can submit an item to our database and you will receive a Confirming Ownership of Autograph OnlineCOA.
As a member of the public does it cost me anything to add one of my items to the database?
Yes. There is an non-refundable administration fee of £24.99 per item. You will also revive a Confirmation of Ownership COA in the post to attached to your item, along with a Certificate of Registration card.
What is a Confirming Ownership of Autograph OnlineCOA?
Confirming Ownership of Autograph OnlineCOA, is just that. The item is viewable on our database but has not been authenticated or is guaranteed authentic.
What is the difference between a OnlineCOA and a Confirming Ownership of Autograph OnlineCOA?
An OnlineCOA is supplied by a registered member / autograph dealer guaranteeing the authenticity of that item using our database.

Confirming Ownership of Autograph OnlineCOA enables you to view your item online BUT DOES NOT confirm or guarantee the authenticity of the item.
Can an items ownership be transfer?
NO. Ownership of an item can NOT be transferred to a different person. However, the item can be re-registered to a new person. For this service they will be charged a new £24.99 non-refundable administration fee.
I have a autograph private signing arranged can I use OnlineCOA?
YES. OnlineCOA can send a representative along to your signing where each item will be assigned a OnlineCOA sticker with COA code confirming the authenticity of each item.
Who is responsible for the authenticity of each item added to the database?
The responsibility to the authenticity of each item added to our database is that of the company issuing the COA and not that of OnlineCOA.

OnlineCOA provides a database to store and view items and NOT authenticate them.
I'm worried that an item I have bought that is listed on your database may not be authentic, what should I do?
If you feel that your item is not authentic then please let us know immediately quoting your COA number. OnlineCOA will not tolerate adverse items being added to our database.
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